Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back in Action??


I have had the worst luck with my computer lately!

I started again this morning to get an entry together...
it was acting ugly yet again & wouldn't let me type!


Well, I didn't have anything interesting to say anyway. 
LOL ;)

Lots of fun going on here...
goodness to share...

Catatar's babies are growing...((precious!))

this bedroom makeover of Miss O's...
(like anyone cares anymore it's been such a long time coming, ha)

the Rubber Duckie Baby Shower,

Curtains in my bathroom (see, I been busy),

& coming up...

Miss O's birthday...
(she's talking up Judy Moody at the drive in...)

Daddy P & I are going to our fundraiser, 
had to get a party dress (fun),

Big O is heading off to camp again...

& guess what's going to happen to his bedroom while he's gone...
think...Rodrick's room...ugh, gag!
shocking, completely horrifying BEFORE pictures will be shared,
viewer discretion is advised. ;)

Happy Tuesday! :)

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