Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A "Birus"....

Yes, I preached to the choir....

But they did not listen....

And now my beloved main computer has a virus (or Birus, as E would say).

Dear Middle School Boy,

You can not click on all these stupid links on Facebook!
Stay off my computer or I will sell you to the gypsies!!!


It continues to be insane here...

we must just love it...the fun never ends!

This past weekend softball & soccer were rained out,
which worked out great since I had previously signed us up to participate in a 5k at our gym. I haven't been running, so I was just planning to walk...

but, it was so yummy outside....overcast, just a pinch cool, perfect for breaking a sweat!

The next thing I know I'm running the whole thing & beat my last 5k race time by a minute! Now I know my hard work at the gym is worth it!

Sunday night my pal Jen messaged to tell me that I had been "Spotted" (the name of our news paper column where they showcase community participation), that's where I got that rather intense, beady eyed looking picture...ha!

The best part was the KIDS race....

Sneaky E shot off like a bullet & won first place in his age group...

Whew, he was fast!

Then Miss O's group took off...

Her race was a full mile!

She did not give up,

I was so proud of her!


I'm babysitting Baby Trent this week...
He kills me with cuteness!
He makes those baby noises & wrinkles up his forehead & give me those coy, gummy grins....he is the portrait of precious!

However, as cute as he may be...
he ALSO confirms...
That I am definitely done having kids!
I love, love, love babies...
But, three is just plenty, thank you bery much. ;)

And besides, how could I dethrone this baby!?!?

Well, that's all I got...

No projects, no sewing, my house is a wreck...

Pretty lame lately, I know.

I hope to be back with something interesting soon. ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. How exciting! Congrats on your great run!

    Sorry to hear about your birus. :(

  2. Awesome job on beating your 5k time!!!!! Such a rewarding feeling when you finish a 5k...they are much tougher than you think!!!! Keep up the good work, friend!!!


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