Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (The Beds)

While I continue to try to crawl out of the hole I've fallen in...

Here is a sampling of Miss O's room...
Beds from Wesley Allen,

Duvets from Wake Up Frankie

Matching Pillowcases made by me from

Quilt & Shams from Homegoods,

TDF Monogramming on the little pillows from Ava Mac Designs

Crazy funky photos compliments of Instagram! ;)

Just yesterday I had to pick Big O up from school early... 

he cut his hand while helping clean up down at the baseball field...

thank goodness Daddy P has a friend who is a surgeon &
we got to skip the ER...

it was gross, 
I'm still waiting for my appetite to return. :(

((Did I mention it was gross??))

Wait a minute, this was supposed to be wordless...

I'll be back, I promise...
much to share! :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. love the bedding choice Mandy.
    Hope your little guy is ok!

  2. Her beds are gorgeous!!

    And yeah, with 4 sons, we have had our fair share of gah-ross injuries :/ I hope he is ok and heals fast!!


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