Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fancy Date Night

I'm sitting here waiting out a thunderstorm...

no umbrella in sight...

no desire to be wet from getting into the car...

& wondering how my peeps are doing...

Daddy P & the kids went to the lake with my parents.
(hello, McFly...did you check the radar??)

I just don't love the lake...
maybe I've seen JAWS too many times, 

 I just don't like to be in water where I cannot 

a). see who is swimming with me
b). go to the little potty when I need to tinkle

I'm more of a pool girl.

But, don't mistake me for some prissy city slicker...
I like to rough it sometimes (ha)

You can definitely call me a canoe fool...

it's hard to beat floating in 3-5 feet of 
icy crystal clear water 
on a day when it's 98 degrees, 
watching the fishes 
(& even an occasional snake) swimming by.

Big O heads to camp next weekend...
I'm hoping we can squeeze in a quick canoe trip before he goes...
my big boys fish, Miss O & Sneaky E swim & collect rocks, mama relaxes in the shade with a book (& a bag of Cheetos)...


fun times! ;)


Last night Daddy P & I headed out on our annual "dressed up" date,
the fund raiser dinner for our Alma mater...

it was so horribly hot, we didn't get many pics.

Miss O was our un-official photographer...

she LOVES to get pictures of her mommy & daddy having fun. ;)

She's a pretty funny kid! 

This past week I decided to try a new nail thing,
it's call Shellac.
Have you tried this?

I'm on Day 5 now 
& my nails still look like they were just done:

except, I can tell they have grown just a pinch
(& my cuticles could use some oil).
(& that spray tan stain has still not worn of the inside of my palm)
I'll keep you posted on this stuff, 
so far I am loving it
(but I haven't tried to get it off).

Well, rain has stopped.
I'm hopping up to run some CHILD FREE errands...

I'll leave you with a shot of the kitten we've decided to keep,

"Bill Whiskers" ;)

If cuteness could kill...

Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. Love the picture from your fancy date night! You look fabulous and that dress rocks!

    I, too, loved my shellac manicure....when it was on for several weeks. However, my nails have been horrible/peeling ever since and it's been two months. Sorry to rain on your shellac parade!

  2. Aww you and your man look so nice for your date night.


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