Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty...

This kitty mama & I have a lot in common...

we're both trying to keep up with the action. 

However, she seems to really have it under control...
and, alas...I do not. ha!

We have someone coming out to get a kitten this evening..
it will be sad to see them leave, 
but I know they will have a great life at their new home.
(plus, six cats eat a LOT...gracious!!)

But, they sure have been fun to watch. :)

I had a reader ask if having the baby attend the baby shower was a southern thing. I'm not sure really who's "thing" that is. Here in the south it's called a "Sip & See", generally taking place after the baby has been born. We decided to do this because Emily had already had a baby gender neutral baby shower at her school & another gender neutral one in her home town in East TN.  This was a small family shower that we had, giving extended family a chance to meet the little man and give him some personalized goodies like monogrammed blankets, burpies, etc.  It worked out well. :)

The big holiday weekend is coming up, we're kicking it off tonight by having the little softball team out to swim. Tomorrow the entire neighborhood of moms & kids are meeting up at the gym pool after we workout.

Saturday night is my 20 year class reunion.
For some reason this does not blow my mind...I guess I'm embracing old age. Ha!

Then, Daddy P is off next week on vacation...
we're staying home...
gonna be canoe fools...

I love me some canoe fools! ;)

Wishing everyone a safe & wonderful weekend!

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