Monday, June 27, 2011

Rubber Duckie Baby Shower

Back last month
(when I was just a little bit lame,
not like now that I'm total slack blogger) ;)
we did a sweet little Rubber Duckie Baby Shower
for my sister/cousin, Emily.

Em is the most simple & practical person I know,
& she knows I'm a little (ahem) over the top about stuff sometimes...
especially baby showers!!
She made me promise to keep it S-I-M-P-L-E...

I tried. ;)

I am still spitting mad, 
I didn't put my camera on auto & 
all of these shower pictures are dark!

Here are a few from the refreshment table...

Baby carriage dish came from Goodwill, four for $1!

I found the punch recipe online, 
basically it consists of blue Hawaiian punch, 
ginger ale and vanilla ice cream.

It was tart,
it was yummy,
we drank it until we were sick!!

Notice Big O sliding in to sneak another piece of the wrapped chocolate...forget it, kid...I know all your moves!

My sister, Baby Trent & my aunt, Melissa (Trent's Grandma)...

Not to confuse anyone here, 
but I never call my aunt Melissa...
I call her Sissy...
my kids call her Sissy,
my mother calls her Sissy...
my daddy calls her Sissy...
Even Daddy P calls her Sissy...

To be perfectly honest,
it actually confuses me if someone DOES call her Melissa! 

I think it's a southern thing,

I'll never forget when Miss O was a wee baby & Daddy P's mother, 
Little Debby started calling her "Sissy" around Big O (who was just 4)...
it made him SO MAD & he told her right quick


I guess he thought she was teasing him or playing a joke.
Like it, he did not. ha!

So, she stayed Miss O & Sissy stayed Sissy...

anyway...back to the shower

and my mother has become the BANNER Queen with her 
fancy paper cutter machine...that thing rocks the house!!
She decided to do this one to match Trent's Sock Monkey bedroom...
too cute, don't you think. :)

and there's the little prince getting a snack before...

drifting off for a little afternoon nap. :)
I love this sweet kid! 

Well, I had better hop up to see what my sweet kids are doing...
it's a bit too quiet for them to be up to anything good! 

They've been playing games today...
all three of them played "Can-we-wand" (Candyland) after Sneaky E started talking smack about beating everybody, even Grandma...

that little stinker does not like to lose! ;)

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. What an adorable baby shower! I especially love the punch and fancy banner!

  2. What a gorgeous tablescape you did! You are so creative! Is it a "Southern" thing to have the baby attend his own shower?


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