Monday, July 18, 2011

Brassy Lamp Makeover!

My mother lives in a constant state of 
"cleaning out"...
it seems like every time I go over there lately 
she is loading me down with some goods...
some are really good, 
some are um, not as good. ;)

I'm starting to think that she gives them to me
because she wants to see what I will make with them.

A couple of weeks ago she sent me home with these brass lamps.

I hate brass.

I've seen a lot of bloggers paint lamps, 
so I decided to give it a shot myself
the alternative to taking these lamps to Goodwill on the sly...

I used my favorite Rustoleum Painter's Touch,
this time I used Gloss Navajo White.

I have got to clean my camera/lens,
there is something in there because I've seen that same black spot on several pictures that I have taken lately. This is my old canon rebel, I'm actually lucky that it still works the way I have worn that thing out over the past few years!

and got that one moved inside with a shade that I had in the closet

(I think it would look better with a different shade, 
 I'll be looking).

But...for now, I'm tickled with it.

I wonder if my mother will notice what I did to her lamp. ;)

I also found a little coffee table for our playroom.
The kids have gotten to where they like to play cards & games gathered around our little coffee table in the living room.
I'm always on a quest to keep their STUFF upstairs!!

Here's a little before shot.

She looks a bit different now.
Be back to share (after I get the new hardware on).

Happy Monday!

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  1. Great job! Good to know that brass is easy to spray paint! My mother is always giving me things too, and sometimes they may accidently go to Goodwill! Oops!


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