Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Movies

One thing that our family LOVES to do during the holidays is 
curl up on the couch
with a giant tub of popcorn
& watch MOVIES!

There are several channels that devote their air time to HOLIDAY themed movies & shows the entire month of December & we LOVE that...
but, some Christmas movies are meant to be seen 
commercial interruption! ;)
Here are our top FIVE Christmas movies 
that we watch every year as a family...
it's just not Christmas if we haven't watched it yet!

#1. Home Alone...

Without a doubt, 
it is just not Christmas without this movie!!
This one is a true family favorite!

#2.  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

We have this one on DVD...
but the TV version is better because they cut out most of the bad language.
I cannot imagine Christmas without Chevy Chase...EVER!

#3. It's a Wonderful Life

Every year on Christmas day, 
we do our gifts, 
eat a big breakfast,
then Daddy P & I curl up on the couch 
& watch this movie in our jammies 
while the kids play with their toys...
it's my favorite tradtion!

#4. A Christmas Story

I admit, this one is not my most favorite...
but it's a family favorite &
I have great memories of it playing in the background 
at my granny's house on Christmas Eve...

#5. Elf...
We Love, love, LOVE Will Ferrell...

If you have not seen this movie, 
please make a point to watch it this holiday season...
it's WONDERFUL (& hilarious)!!

Awesome, awesome 30 minute cartoon 
narrated by Andy Griffith.

It's a fabulous little children's movie!
I send it to school with my kids every year 
so their teachers can borrow's wonderful!

I also love these, but we don't normally watch them as a family.

Miracle on 34th Street...the original!

Scrooged, Bill Murray
Daddy P loves this one too...
Bill Murray at his finest!

It'll leave you singing...
"Put a little love in your heart"...
& I love that cheesy song! ;)

Family Man...
Another TRUE favorite!
I will watch this anytime I catch it on tv,
it's probably my favorite Nicholas Cage movie!

While You Were Sleeping

Cheesy, but I love it! ;)

Four Christmases

Reece & Vince...
Hilariously wonderful!!

The Shop Around the Corner...
Love, so love!! 

There are still a few that I want to see, 
but haven't caught them on Turner Classic...

Christmas in Conneticut
Holiday Inn (gasp, I know)
It Happened on Fifth Avenue

there are tons that I have not seen on that list!

What about you?
What are your favorites?


I am hunting for a way to store my old Christmas cards.
Most of the cards I have are PHOTOS of little people I love & 
I cannot bring myself to throw them away...
but I have have bundles from years back!
I don't want to put them in an album.
Have you seen any cute crafts with old cards??

I'm hopping up here to get ready for a fun Cookie Swap with my girls...
Wishing y'all a beautiful Friday!!


  1. My favorite Christmas movie would have to be Home Alone! Love your movie tastes!

  2. Love Home Alone too and so many others that you posted! Have you seen "The Holiday" with Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and another famous actress that I can't remember at the moment. Really good -- kind of a chick flick.

    Oh, the napkins in my post were from:

  3. I saw an idea for Christmas cards on this blog that I thought was a good idea.


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