Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry, Merry, Merry!

Whew, what a day!

I'm FULL & exhausted...
what a wonderful, blessed Christmas day 
our family has had!

I just realized that I purchased all these gifts, 
hauled them up the stairs to wrap & hide them...
then we had to haul them all back downstairs 
last night to put them under the tree...
now I'm battling to get this stuff BACK upstairs & put away.

I'm going to rethink my system next year...ha!

Here's a summary of our Christmas morning:

I think this will be one of my best memories from Christmas 2011
(note the "p.s"...bahaha)

I hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas
full of laughter & love...

from our family to yours...

merry, merry, merry! :)


  1. Great photos and looks like so much fun!

    Have a Happy New Year!


  2. Merry late Christmas, friend!!!! Love seeing your pictures, and can't wait to finally get together with you one day!!! Hope you guys have a Happy New Year!!!!!!


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