Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upstairs Updates

I want to say thank you to my sweet blogging friends who left comments about my last post. I appreciate your prayers for our friends & their children.  You guys are just precious!

Here's an updated picture of my "new" painted table.
I found several lamps at Homegoods, but this one had just a cool texture to it & had height to allow layering on the table top.  Plus, it has an awesome burlap shade...yeah, that's right up my alley!!

The rest of this stuff was pulled from around the house. I love having pieces that can be moved & used throughout the entire downstairs. I feel like I am redecorating without spending any money that way (& Daddy P prefers that type of decorating, I might add...ha).

I am on a roll here at the house...

we are finally getting some things updated & 
fixed & finished...

we have something HUGE going on out here at the beginning of the summer...
(ok, probably bigger than huge...but...)
I'll tell you more about that later.

I have this MONSTER empty space upstairs!

We have lived here for five years...
it has served as a place of running & racing...
completely free of furniture!
I can remember how things seemed bigger to me as a child,
I cannot imagine how big this space must seem to Sneaky E!

When we got our $150 slip covered couch off Craigslist last fall...

(please don't hate, I'm never that lucky)

I had our brown couch moved upstairs to get it out of the way.

I tried to sell it.

No dice.

I tried to GIVE IT AWAY...

again, nope.

I bought a slip cover from Pottery Barn 
(it's the drop cloth version)

It is hidden,
I am happy.
It can stay.

However the collection of stuff up there was just ridiculous & 
driving me nuts.  So I got on Pinterest & found some inspiration. Then I went to Homegoods & picked up $60 worth of "this & that"...
& got busy giving this little spot an update!

First I decided to put a different collection of pictures up on the wall.
I know people who collect picture arrangement photos on Pinterest, I am not one of those people. I get my focal point & start arranging my pictures in collections on the floor. I use my pencil, trace frames on the wall if I need to...it's pretty much just a trial & error kind of thing...nothing a little Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cannot fix.

Some new pillows, some new pictures...
but it needed a bit more tweaking...

so I raided the playroom....
(again, my decor upstairs works like downstairs...
everything is similar & can be mixed & matched & rearranged)

I brought out some art work & 
candid shots of the kids that I had taken myself
that complimented the pictures that Shannon did for us.

And borrowed the old school desk, a quilt & the jute rug 
that just wasn't working out in our playroom...(it was knotty & just not comfy when you're down on the floor playing legos or hunting guinea pigs
AND the red coffee table that I painted this spring...

ah, not "done",

it is in NO WAY magazine caliber,
but it looks like a cozy spot now
even though it's really not because 
I'll get you if you sit on that couch &
mess up my slipcover!!! ;)

It's working for me now...

Unlike this spot downstairs.

We had a major unhinging down here!
Out of the blue all four shelves just collapsed...
we'd had some major wind the night before, 
I don't know if that had anything to do with it
(or if a certain short person had been climbing up there???)
Everything BROKE!

I'm just thankful that a certain short person was not standing there in front of his little toy cabinet when it happened...it could have hurt him bad!
Unchurchy words...
inside my head... 
cleaned up glass ALL day...

It's on hold for right now
& will be dealt with next month when THIS spot gets a makeover...

Dark & dreary...
meet your new friend,
Bright & cheery!

Ah, I am SO excited!!!

I have a fun tutorial to share with you...
it involves cute fabric & mod podge...

I'll be back to share as soon as I find these pictures I took!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. Wow!!! Love your updates and all your decorating! Wish you lived near Nebraska and could help me!!! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love this! :) I am new to your blog and wanted to say hi. Dropping by from kelly's korner. :) Erin



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