Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wisteria Blue, I love you! :)

Took Miss O to the Maxx yesterday...

She asked me 65 times while we were there 
if I would take her to Justice next...





I've got to teach this child that there is life beyond Justice...
not every outfit has to be covered in glitter & peace signs!

I got lots of eye rolling,
huffing & puffing...

I am not falling in love with the tween years.

I was just starting to loose my cool with Miss Priss

when I saw her...

this beautiful Wisteria Blue summer dress....

(which looks like silk, but it's really casual cotton)

& perfect for a party... 

(& I just happen to have one coming up)


& IN my price range!

I knew it was for me when we were in the dressing room
& Miss O tells me "wow, that is pretty"
(words I never hear from her mouth, 
as I apparently dress like a senior citizen in her eyes). ;)

I don't normally blog about clothing, 
but I nearly fell out of my chair when I got home 
& looked this dress up online! 

I paid $39.99 for it at TJ Maxx...
and it's selling on the Calvin Klein website for $139!


I love the Maxx!
Muwah, muwah, muwah!!

Ok, Happy Sunday!
The end. ;)


  1. What a fabulous find. It will be perfect for summer. I also love T.J. Maxx and did some serious damage this weekend for our trip to Mexico.

    Oh no! I hate Justice and can wait for those years! You poor thing!

    Chef Daddy liked your paint color and told me to buy the paint this week. Whooo hooo! Thanks again for the link!

  2. Great find! I bet it looks gorgeous on you!!!

  3. That is a super cute dress!!

  4. Wow -- so pretty!! Love TJs!! Also hate justice -- except for socks! :)


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