Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday...Five Years!

This summer marks our
 Five Year Anniversary
living in this house!

Last night, 
I was looking at a collage poster 
that I made for Daddy P...

It says...

"Once Upon a Time 
there was a Hill"

"and our family 
turned it into a home"

It's pretty incredible how fast
five years went by...

and how much our peeps have grown!

Sneaky E ("Mr. Man", as we called him back then), was just five months old when we started building. He turned a year old two weeks after we moved in.

& Miss O, sassy as ever! ;)

& these two...
now it's Big O leaning over dad,
he's a full 4 inches taller!

I love this view here...
the back door as seen through the foyer during framing...

and that same spot now...
pretty crazy!

Don't forget to share your favorite summertime food/drinks to be entered in the drawing to win a brand new Rummikub game!

I had three different people tell me they tried recipes that I blogged about last night, so glad to share the love! ;)

Visit this blog entry to enter.

We are headed to the gym,
the grocery (woof), 
then taking a herd of kids to the movies to escape this heat 
(supposed to be 108 today, holy cuss!)

Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. Elizabeth ScruggsJune 29, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    We had our five year anniversary in our house last February- been married 21 years and this is the longest we've been in a house too. Moved 12 times during those years....this is most definitely home! Stay cool today friend!

  2. I always love seeing pics of your home...absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Sneaky E was sooo little seeing pics of how they have grown!!!


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