Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marvelous Mason Jar Make-Over

Marvelous Mason Jar Make-Over

I have seen variations of these pretty mason jar vases all over blogland...

some are painted inside, 
some are painted outside...

they are pretty, pretty, pretty
(and cheaply, my fave).

I had quite a few on hand here, 
so I decided to try a little trio myself.

I doubt there is any right or wrong way to do them.
This is how they played out for me...

I ordered a few pint paint samples from Benjamin Moore
(free shipping if you order four).
I was dying to try out that "Color of the year" Wythe Blue (it's ok).
I also ordered a sample of the beautiful Sea Glass,(divine)

Which is what I used on my vases (and my little striped table awhile back).

For the first one I poured about a 1/4 of a measuring cup of paint into the jar,

and covered the top with clear plastic wrap.
Then I just gently turned the jar until all of the inside was covered with paint.

You will have to turn it upside down a bit 
to get the edges of the jar mouth covered.

I did have to wipe the outside off a bit with a paper towel when I removed the plastic...that's about as messy as it got. Once it was covered on the inside like I wanted it, I poured the extra paint into the next jar.  Did the process again on all three, then poured the extra paint (just a dribble by the end) back into the paint can.

It took about 3 full days for these to completely dry on the inside and I waited another two weeks before I used them for flowers.

They're simple & pretty
& were just way too easy to make!

Hope you guys have wonderful day!

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  1. love that you have me and dougie on the mantel....we were cute....l0 months apart..poor grannie

  2. Love this, so pretty, your mantle is lovely, I can see you have good taste!!
    (Also you can paint them on the outside, it gives a different look to them.

  3. Well how cool! I would've never thought to do that! Very pretty!
    (Over from Kelly's Korner)

  4. Beautiful mantle and I love the Mason jars. Just lovely!

  5. SO pretty!!! What a great tutorial :-)!! Fun project for the summer!!

  6. Ahhh, I just love simple projects that are pretty. Thanks for sharing your project. The hydrangeas are a perfect choice.
    ~ Christie

  7. So BEAUTIFUL and what a statement!! I canNOT wait to attempt this!! Great job!

  8. what type of flowers did you use?


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