Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chalk Art Madness...

I am crazy for chalk art &

I love, love, love the look of hand lettering!!

I've been collecting samples on Pinterest,
gosh...how did I live before Pinterest!?!?

I used these samples to help me put together a few chalk art pieces for our big party earlier this summer.  I just love that look!

One of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer of Dear Lillie Blog ALWAYS has the prettiest Chalk Art displayed in her home...she is so inspiring!!  What I love the most about her chalk art is that it is SIMPLE & elegant...always makes you feel right at home. 

Check out this great blog post about HOW TO draw fonts...
I love this one!!

I've been seeing a lot of businesses using this medium lately. It's just incredible how elaborate this art can get!

I think my favorite design work is from DANA TANAMACHI.

She was featured in Oprah magazine recently,
I think she is wicked rad! ;)

Isn't that awesome!!


Well, I've got to get these boys ready for football.
Sneaky E got his cast off yesterday...


I guess his hand felt weird being held straight out for three full weeks. He was super wimpy when we got home & was refusing to do any of the exercises the doctor wanted him to do. Thankfully, when Daddy P got home he communicated that his hand was going to stick out straight like the cast (whoops, lie) if he didn't do the exercises...needless to say he was back to his normal hand functions within an hour...ha!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!


  1. Well I have to say you inspired me. I saw an old mirror in our vacation home this weekend. I asked if anyone was using it and snagged it to bring home. I am going to spray paint it and make a chalkboard. It was such a cute shape and all I could think of was the one you made above (the blue one!).

  2. Next time you go to Goodwill call me so you can show me how to make treasure from trash!


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