Monday, July 16, 2012

Motivations on Monday

Good Monday Morning!

I overslept...
fixed some coffee...
snuggled into my computer chair to enjoy some quiet time &

Daddy P send me a message saying the appliance guys will be here in 30.


I definitely could use some motivation!

Yeah, let's kick it! ;)

I've been doing homework this weekend.
I bought the Milk Paint for my "new" kitchen chairs, 
I'm on stake-out watching for UPS...

But, I'm leaning toward the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for my kitchen island.
I really like the color combos that I'm seeing...

Daddy P walked in while I was researching, 
his eyes were popping!
I've got the green light from him on this project now!

I found a ton of information at Perfectly Imperfect Blog...

And then I ran up on Shades of Amber, who hosts a Chalk Paint Linky party every week...holy cow, projects galore!!!

Here's our inspiration for the island...

Wow, huh?!
She's pretty awesome!!

I want to add a little bit more blue...
to make it stand out against my cream cabinets...

like this piece by Doodles & Stitches blog.

The "doing homework part" is about trying to find a piece that looks exactly what I want so that I can figure out which colors of paint to buy...

I am heading to Hendersonville tomorrow to visit our "local" vendor. If you're in middle TN looking to see Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in person, head over to Then and Again Marketplace and check it out. 

Well, my peeps are awake now...
got to go keep them from driving the repair guy nuts. 

More coffee? ;)

Here's some real motivation on Monday...

pretty exciting, no? 

Have a beautiful day!

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