Friday, July 20, 2012

Organizing Back to School...& GIVEAWAY!

It's happening...

the kids are headed back to school & 
if your house is anything like mine
there are piles of school supplies, 
clothes being organized &
mountains of papers to be signed!!

I would love to give you a tour of my super organized house,
all ready for school to start...

but my house is ANYTHING but!

I'm working on it...
but at this point, 
I just simply ASPIRE!

Here's some inspiration...

School is definitely about STUFF...

Every kid needs a spot to keep THEIR stuff...
otherwise, they're going to come in & toss that backpack in the floor & leave your kitchen a disaster (don't ask how I know that...).

This is GREAT backpack station idea,
simple & neat!

This is some serious organizing, calendars for each child...
this mom is not only a survivor, she is a warrior!!

Photo credit

How about HOMEWORK!!

Where do your kids do theirs?
This year I will have three kids doing homework after school,
I can assure you the odds will never be in my favor there...

A built in homework station...AWESOME!

Photo Credit TheHeartfeltHome Blogspot
And this!

Photo Credit Martha Stewart Crafts
But not everyone can crank out a built in station like that...

I could probably make it happen upstairs,
but it's near impossible to fix dinner & do the homework battle when the kids are in another part of the house.

If you're lacking space or 
keep your peeps in the kitchen for homework like me,

I think this project is worth the time to make...
I might make Miss O & Sneaky E one myself!

Photo Credit Sunflowers to Cacti Blog

and what about all those PAPERS!!!
That seems to never end!

I have a system similar to this one from Better Homes & Gardens.

this is ours...


A pocket for each kid,
A spot for library books...
Chore charts (ours are in these on a clipboard),

I found this sweetheart at Homegoods for about $30...
LOVE it!

and what about SUPPLIES!?
"Mom, I can't find a pencil...."

I love this from The 36th Avenue Blog...

but, I really like for things to be out of sight...
Clutter stresses me out like nothing else I can describe!
I'm a drawer/cabinet girl...

This is a divine post by Simply Cottage Love 
a School Supplies Cabinet

Photo Credit Simply Cottage Love

I have two drawers devoted to school supplies...
they are chaos right now...
I open them,
feel dizzy,
 & quickly slam them shut.

I must tackle the beast at some point, ugh!

and gadgets & SMALL stuff...

My crew wears me thin with trinkets, sunglasses, bracelets, ipods, chargers, flash drives, etc...
This station is pretty awesome from IHeart Organizing !

photo credit IHeartOrganizing Blog
Slide that puppy in a drawer...
I'm a happy mama!

Ugh, this school talk is wearing out...
I've got to stop. ;)

Let's take a break...

I will be back on this topic next week because my fab sponsor, Elizabeth of Superior Construction & Design is providing a GIVEAWAY for my readers!!

It is an AWESOME Frame that is PERFECT for your school organizing...I would love some of these for my kid's art work!!  Please come back next week to find out which one it is, this one you do not want to miss! :)

And speaking of GIVEAWAYS...

Because it's still summer
you sassy mamas need some pampering...

This weekend, I'm giving away a FUN little gift...
a copy of my newest favorite magazine from the creators of HGTV
AND a package of nail goodies!


Perfect for your afternoon by the pool,
hopefully childfree
with a frosty beverage in your hand...

Ahhhhhhh! :)

To enter to win, 

and come back here & 
leave a comment here on this blog entry to tell me you did.

If you're already a fan (mwah, thank you...I love those fb fans),

you can just say hi, 
tell me your favorite summer pampering, 
share some back to school goodness, 
tell me something you would like to see on my blog, 
tell me a funny joke...

whatever you like.  

I love to hear from my readers! :)
Simple as that.  
Winner will be announced Monday morning on the Monday Motivations post. 

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Summer is going by to quickly! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Your blog is fabulous! I have been following for about 1 1/2 years from here in West Texas and please keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Mandy! I liked your FB a while back. I have been up to school today getting ready for all of the first graders :)

  3. Done!! Love all of those ideas. I think I am going to be coming back to your inspiration pics for sure. I have only one little one in elementary but it's sure to be even more chaotic when my son goes to kindergarten.

  4. I love some of those school backpack ideas. I will have four kids in school this year and I definitely know how the paper accumulates and how when they come through the door everything is just dropped.

  5. Right now we are in an apartment since the move, but we are starting to look at houses and house plans. I really want a back entry, mudroom, work room area as we enter from the garage so that everything can have a place that is NOT the kitchen counter!

  6. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I wish I could be more organized like in some of your photos. I may try the backpack hooks with the initial over it and the file organizer (may have to hit Home Goods today) Thanks for sharing :)

  7. I'm already a fan! Look forward to your post every day! I'm also looking forward to the frame you mention in this post. Dying for a new craft to do indoors with this Midwest heat wave!!

  8. I am unknown above. I usually like it that way though. :)

  9. Already a FB fan.. love the blog!


  10. I love the backpack ideas. They are great!!!! gonna start working on one for each of my girls.

  11. These are really cute ideas. Hollie`

  12. Liked you on FB! Off to go work on a new homework station!

  13. FB fan completed! Love all the organization!!

  14. Done! I love these ideas. My 8 yr old struggles so much with homeworkm

  15. Fab round up of back to school ideas!

    I would love for you to link up this post at the Empty Your Archive party - we're focused on back to school posts this week but you can also share your great old posts on over 100 different topics in the Mummy Archive, which is a fab resource bank for mums - Alice xx

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