Sunday, July 1, 2012

Silly Sunday Ramblings...

Ah, beautiful summer Sunday...

how I love thee!

My peeps are at "Camp Nana"
& Daddy P is off on some River Monsters
fishing trip with Big O...

as I sit here alone 
with my coffee & oatmeal 
(which I may or may not have dumped a huge 
spoonful of nutella into, I'll never tell). ;)

I thought I would share some thoughts...
just silly ramblings on Sunday. 

1. I have to start here...
it is hot in middle TN right now, 
it's all anyone can talk about...
108 yesterday, 102 today! 
By the end of the week we will be so tickled 
when that cold snap rolls in & it's just 93, whooo!
Definitely time to break out your best "hotter than hell" jokes...

I ran up on this on Pinterest...
Made me laugh (sorry, ha).

2.  Date night with Daddy P ended with Chocolate Ice Cream Cones from Snow White last night...that man knows how to win my heart! ;)

3. I love this kid...

wee Joseph 
(who is coming to visit me this week, happy dance!!)

4.  Pinning CHRISTMAS on Pinterest right now 
will not be tolerated, 
I demand that that people stop it! 
5.  Fact.
I'll be 100 holding on to my walker...
6.   I feel the need to make this...

Wow, yum!

7.  I just realized that school starts for my kids,
one month from tomorrow.

That doesn't bother me all that much.
Actually it makes me feel a flutter of happy...

8.  I just realized that school starts for my kids,
one month from tomorrow &
this year I will have THREE kids 
wearing uniforms to school every day.

That doesn't bother me all that much,
I'm a professional shopper, *snort*...

I've been shopping online,
I have E's & Big O's bought...
Now it's time to tackle 
Miss Drama (sigh).

9.  I just realized that school starts for my kids,
one month from tomorrow.
This year THIS KID will be in kindergarten...

& I'd be flat out lying if I said 
that doesn't bother me all that much...
it is rocking my core...
he will be so mad at me if I cry...


10.  I broke down & put one of these on my car...
a million white fords on the road,
mine sports a happy, pink whale.

That's right! ;)
Be back in the morning to announce the winner of the 
I'm loving all these yummy summer food ideas you guys have shared!!

Happy weekend, y'all!

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