Monday, August 13, 2012

First Week Recovery...


The first full week of school...


I think the kids are getting settled in nicely, 

Sneaky E is ALL ABOUT structure & routine...
he is already cracking us up with is quirky demands & concerns!

(here's a shot ffrom my shower last week...this child lives for order)


He's jumping out of the car when we get there every morning...gotta love it when a kid loves to go to school!!

Big O had his first football game as an 8th grader on Saturday. Oh, football scares me to death! I'm as jumpy as a cat worried that he will get hurt! I do love me some football, but love it better when someone else besides my baby is playing! 

Here he is at the coin toss on Saturday...
can you guess which one he is??


Yep, the big one. ;)


Aside from being busy getting the kids back on a routine & getting my HOUSE back into a routine (I was a cleaning fool last week)...

I just HAD to start a new project too! ;)

I got busy on Thursday & added some bead board wallpaper to the back of my shelving area on the kitchen island. I bought a roll a couple of years ago & changed my mind about using it because I didn't think it would be durable enough for the traffic in that area of the house. 

It was simple to apply & so far it looks great, I'm happy with it!

I'm hustling to get another coat of paint on this island...
I'm anxious to be done with this project so I can share!

Here's a peek...

Hope y'all have a great Monday!

I'm sure glad you stopped by... ;)

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