Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivation on Monday...

Well, I'm late posting motivation...

I could NOT wake up this morning!

I know I replied to a few emails,
there's no telling what they said!

We took the kids to the fair last night...
ahem, notice my "oldest child" having the most fun...


I've been to the gym,
to the grocery &
now I'm getting ready to cut up some pants!

I did the annual
"summer's over, 
let's see if I can get my hiney in any of my jeans" thing...

thankfully, the weight that I've gained on the scale (stress me out) is muscle tone...((muscle should not weigh more than fat, I am in a constant state of confusion over this)) everything fits & I realized I had a pair of jeans that I meant to hem last spring.

I've decided to turn them into capri jeans with a folded cuff...
excuse me while I go chew on that.

I'll be back to show you how to do it tomorrow.

As for motivation...

here's some for today:

 small things, great love. one of my favorites

because the little things are really the big things, you know. ;)

Have a great Monday!!

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