Friday, August 17, 2012

Terrific Terrarium...

I found this wonderful glass fish bowl
at Homegoods recently...

It's HUGE &
for some reason I just had to have it!

It's been sitting empty for a month.

Yesterday I had a minute...
(it was one of those minutes where you can either load the dishwasher like you need to OR ignore that & make a mess crafting)

I decided to put together a little plant terrarium in it, 
I'm tickled with how it turned out. 

My favorite kind!

I kind of cheated here...
I had a plant that needed to be placed in a different container,
it was in a clear plastic container...
it fit perfectly in this bowl...
totally a match made in heaven...
totally a NON messy craft!


I used some sheet moss that I already had here,

& went around the sides of the plastic container that my plant was in.

Added some rocks & pebbles...
gave it a little drinkie poo...


All done. :)

I can't decide where I'm going to put it just yet so I have it in "limbo"...the spot in my living room that I am unhappy with & just stick things there hoping to have an eureka moment...

Inspiration...hit me with your best shot!!

I think I am going back to bed.
It's been a wild week.

Big O ended up with a broken nose after Tuesday night's football game.

He had surgery Wednesday afternoon.


He has been a trooper like no other, went to school yesterday even!
I've been worried to death about him...
anytime sedation is involved, my nerves are shot!

Miss O had to make a trip to the doctor yesterday,
she's managed to take on a fun viral wart that has gotten infected...
so last night between studying spelling words & the books of the bible I was attempting to have her swallow a horse pill (epic fail). 

We're going to cash in for the liquid version today.  

Did I mention that Daddy P has been out of town?
Thank goodness for Aunt Kim, Grandma & Nana!!

The crowning glory of my week was last night at bedtime...
Sneaky E climbs up in the bed with me & announces

"It's Snuggle Time!!!"

I nearly cried...
gosh, I needed a snuggle!!! 

My goal is to get this kitchen island FINISHED today!
It could happen, it's just 8:30...


We'll see.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. Mandy, you are the energizer bunny! And I love your week-end face. :) Love the terrarium and I think it would be great on a coffee table. How about an old typewriter next to a stack of old books on their side with a frame on top, in that spot you don't like so much? Can't believe big O was smiling like that with a broken nose. What a stressful week!


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