Thursday, September 27, 2012

Delightful Goodwill Find...

I'm walking out the door...

Miss O cheering at 5:00 game in one town,

Big O playing at 6:30 game in another town....

I'm nutty today!

I found this gorgeous print at my local Goodwill a few weeks ago.

It looked just like this, no glass...dirty matting...($1.99)

But this scene...
I knew at a quick glance,
"I have been there!!!"...

It's a signed Virginia Fouche Bolton print of Broad Street, Charleston, SC.
It is printed, but signed by the artist in ink also.

(& y'all KNOW how much I LOVE Charleston, SC)

I looked her artwork up and where there are several pieces of hers that are worth a good bit of money, mine is worth about $45. Perfectly perfect to me!

I ran up on this frame at Homegoods this week, $9.99.
(that which Miss O promptly asked me "who are those kids??", I do not knoooooow them). ;)

Yep, it's a match made in heaven! 

And for $12,
I'm pretty happy with it! :)

Got to dash out!

Y'all have a super good Thursday!
Last football games of the season,
life is about to be boring again! 
(yeah, right)


  1. So super cool!! I simply cannot wait to go there...I've ALWAYS loved Savannah, and I hear that Charleston is even better. LOVE your find- you inspire me :)

  2. That's awesome!!!! Gorgeous print! And I LOVE Charleston too!!! Great find!

  3. Oh my word! What a fabulous find! It is the perfect addition to your kitchen!


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