Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I love #21...

Just sayin' :)

Sick kids at my house this week...
had to pick Miss O up from school yesterday & 
last night Big O went down with a bad headache.

Hello, fall funk! Bah!

I was planning to finish my island this week...
I have got to get that project done!!

Here's a before shot... 

and here's a WHY shot 
(in case you are thinking WHY on earth is she painting that pretty island!?!)

the poor thing has been abused! 

And just for fun...

here's DURING shot:

(why yes, that's slapped up beadboard wallpaper...)

Hopefully, I'll be back to share this soon.

I'll leave you with a shot of my favorite cheerleader...
I hope that peanut feels better this morning. 
The doctor's sick wing is not on my to-do list for today...

Hope you have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  1. Mandy - you son is so tall!!!!! love your girl in her uniform too. hope your sickness leaves the house soon : )


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