Saturday, October 13, 2012

Typical Fall Saturday

(& I love it)

Here are some things going on here today...very typical for this time of year & all are quite delightful. :)

1. We are home for the day. The TV is on college football...SEC college football.

2. It's shorts & long sleeves, cloudy, breezy & 75 degree wonderful weather!

3. There's a pot of beans bubbling on the stove & fresh pitcher of sweet tea in my fridge.

4. Fall pumpkins & pansies are out front on the porch (& I heart fall pumpkins & pansies).

5. P Daddy (has been playing down in his garage most of the day getting ready for deer hunting) & the impending Sportsman Club Fish Fry down the road.

6. We are home for the day. The TV is on college football, SEC college football.


What's a typical fall day at your house?

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