Saturday, November 17, 2012

Delightful Dishes...

For awhile now,
I have been hunting for some new dishes.

I have a set of wedding china,

and I have a set of china that belonged to my great-grandmother (it's actually a set that was sold in a grocery store chain and I have every teapot, gravy boat, platter, tray, soup bowl, & covered dish, as well as 42 dinner plates...gracious, goodness me).

They're both beautiful,
& I am very happy with them.

But I've been drooling over toile printed dishes for years...

drooling & dreaming... 
hoping to find one to collect...
something that I could be hunting for, 
kind of like Deer season...
it could be "China Season"...

but just really couldn't pin one down as being ME.

I completely adore toile scenes...

I ran up on one that stopped my heart...
I almost decided on this one...

Johnson Brothers Tally Ho 

oh, my...
it is absolutely divine!

But the more I searched for pieces,

(because of course I would fall in love with a print 
that was long retired & near impossible to find)
the more I realized what an expensive 
collecting adventure it would be 
(& as cheap as I am, I would be in misery over the spending)...
 it bummed me out.

And then I found it.

THE Dishes!
THE most divine,
Southern Belle,
I have EVER seen.

Johnson Brothers
Heritage Hall
in brown... 

& Collectible

I'm in love.

I've started hunting,
I can't wait to get a few of these pieces in my cabinet!! 
I've never really collected anything before, 
I'm pretty excited!
This will be the kind of collection that my children
will be fighting over when I'm dead...
the idea makes my heart happy...
keeping a things in a stir from the grave. ;)

I'm joking

Do you guys collect goodness or china?
What patterns are your favorite?

Oh & 
speaking of FAVORITE...

I will be back.
I am going to be sharing some 
they are my FAVORITE...
((fun, fun, fun))
just in time for Christmas shopping!!

Happy weekend, crafty friends!


  1. Hello, you had me at toile! I love every one you showed us and especially the one you chose, but my heart beats strongest for the church/barn print. That church just steals the show! It's the second toile print you pictured. I have one square salad plate from a set just like it called Friendly Village. I hope to hang it above my dining room mirror once I get a few more other style plates to go with it.

    I would love to collect a brown transfer ware set myself someday. Like the first set you showed, how perfect for Thanksgiving! Actually I would also love to have a red toile set for Christmas too. Eeek! I have china from my wedding that I can't stand anymore. Seriously, no girl at 23 needs to be picking out china to use for the rest of her life. And of course that's what people love to gift so we have every stinkin' piece they made with service for 12. Ha! I also have my mothers which is solid white with a platinum rim for 10. *love*

    Ok, obviously this struck a chord with me as I can not stop commenting. ;)

    1. LOL, Angel!
      You are SOOOO right, I had no business picking out a china pattern at 23 myself! Thankfully, I picked one that is pretty simple & I still feel some love for. I think I need to start coaching Olivia on china now, so she can make an educated decision. ;)

      That second one, the church scene is made by the same people...Johnson Brothers, I think it is called Friendly Village??

  2. Like Angel, I LOVE the snowy church scene! But goodness, don't get me started on china! Love, love, love it- but what I really love to collect is my silver pattern. Again, SO agree with you both in that I had NO business picking out my china pattern at 21- eek! I have a fantastic set of Christian Dior that I have never used and matches nothing I have- and really doesn't reflect my taste at all! Ugh....but I have my husband's mother's china, my husband's grandmother's china, my china, and then another set of "cheap" china I used for my first Thanksgiving and have 12 place settings. I have NO rooom for more....but gracious I love that pattern above! hmmmm, I did just re-organize the upstairs closet...


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