Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivation on Monday!

My goodness!

I don't think I need any motivation...

I need a personal assistant or 
some medication for Adult ADD...


I wear myself out with multi-tasking projects...

Right now I am finishing new curtains for the playroom, making some cheap updates/changes to Sneaky E's room, putting away Halloween decorations so that I can deep clean before putting out my Christmas decorations (I have to put my stuff out before's just too much trouble to get it out if it can't stay out long enough for me to be sick of it), and getting ready to finish up the Bunkroom (just waiting on Rad Brad to put the doors on my cabinets)....

oh, yeah & yesterday I decided to start on a quilt for Miss O's bed...

I've GOT TO STOP doing's madness!


Clearly, if that is true...I'm a fruitcake! ;)
I wear myself out!

BUT, this week I have a TON of things to share...yay!!

I'm going to talk about fall fashion trends that I'm loving, 

Show you how to (finally) paint and distress wood letters (and a quick chalkboard update) with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,

Share some shopping goodness that I have found on Etsy lately (y'all know I LOVE shopping there), 

I also have good recipe to share, 

AND toward the end of the week I will be sharing my updated BUNKROOM/Playroom Makeover (HIP, HIP, HOORAY)!!

Whew, so busy!

I'll leave you with this beautiful free November printable from Dear Lillie...


Happy Monday, Friends!

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