Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday....Random Nonsense...

1.  I felt fabulous this morning! Yesterday was back to the gym after a two week break (stomach bug for me, funky cold for E). I felt FAB when I got up, headed to the gym for some kickboxing.  I hurt all over now. It's
"good pain", but it's still no fun.  Sigh.

2.  P Daddy informed me at lunch that Lil Smokey needs his teeth cleaned. Some people take their jobs way to seriously...

3.  I've got everything decorated for Christmas here...EXCEPT my big tree. I've devoted 3 solid hours, P Daddy has devoted another good hour...we cannot get the lights working & he's REFUSING to buy a new tree. So, now we've got to take the lights OFF this (12 ft) pre-lit tree to put NEW lights on it. I need soap in my mouth...I have not had many nice things to say about it.

4. To make myself feel a little better about that (@%&*@) tree, I ran over to our Outlet Mall & was delighted to find that we have a brand new, HUGE Ann Taylor LOFT outlet store. Totally made my day!

5. The words "you need to SHAVE" came out of my mouth yesterday...I never thought I would have to say that to my child. 
I can't like it. :(

6. I jumped on the scale this morning, down 9 pounds! Whoop!! 

7.  I had a friend contact me yesterday asking for help decorating her daughter's room. My first thought was "are you serious!??!"...ha. I found that decorating for someone else is actually pretty fun...((maybe I could find a way to get paid for doing it....wouldn't that be awesome))

8.  Today is my dear friend, Sharae's birthday. I hope you're having a great day! Love you, girl! Mwah!

9.  We decided not to get TVs for the kids rooms for Christmas after all. For one, they're spoiled rotten as it is. 
For two, since I've redone our playroom they are piled up in there TOGETHER & together is really where I would rather they be.
For three, they're spoiled rotten as it is. (just sayin')

10. Tomorrow I will be announcing a winner of the Crafty Southern Mama Favorite Things Give Away!!! I'm so excited, I hope it's you!!!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!


  1. You made my day seeing my name on here. I've thought about getting back into blogging! Thank you again for the birthday wish sweet friend!

  2. I love reading your blog! BTW your bunk room sounds fab... Cant wait to see final pics!

    I found Sharae's blog through yours and have often wondered what happened to her!

  3. so, i randomly ran across your blog via pinterest, i think, but keep coming back because you are so funny! I wanted you to know i feel your pain on the tree. Lights that don't work but a husband who won't replace. My solution...he had to help take the lights off. If i had thought of this solution earlier, he would've just bought me a new one! I was more than halfway done when i told him he had to help...and my tree is only 6ft. Make him help...you may have a new tree in no time!!! (my fingers are still hurting so bad i'm not looking forward to putting the lights on it tonight...SAD :( ) Good Luck!


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