Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Updating a Chalkboard with Chalk Paint

I bought this awesome chalk board about four years ago.

It was the perfect "red" accent for our playroom. 

But now, I'm moving away from the reds in there & decided to give it an update.

So long, red...

I had a small sample of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and a little bit of the dark wax left over from a previous painting adventure. The two of them together turned this cutie into a classy babe that would look fantastic in any room in my house!

First, I covered up the chalkboard & taped my edges (because I'm messy, just sayin')...

Then I got my trusty chalk paint brush out & got busy...

I put some beat up tea light candles under my chalkboard to lift it off my counter, that really made it easier to paint.

Now, you're probably going to look at this paint job & say that I could use some lessons...ha...but, I have found that sometimes the messier I paint with the Chalk Paint the better the end result.

After the Old White was completely dried I added a nice coat of the Dark Wax. This is a picture of another project where I am applying the wax, I like to use a rag to do this instead of a brush.  Just dab it in there & wipe it on a little bit at a time.

This frame was completely smooth before. I went back with my brush & added a few spotty areas & they really showed up well after the wax was applied...

All finished...

and ready for the playroom...
or any room in my house now & I love that!

Now, I've just got to get this playroom put back together...
whew...busy, busy!

I'll be back to share some fun finds on Etsy....
((P Daddy is going to ban me from Etsy...yikes!))
and a yummy recipe. 

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 Hope y'all have had a great Tuesday!


  1. That turned out sooo cute! I can't wait to see it in your play room!

    I am banned from Etsy too!


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