Monday, December 10, 2012

Wonderful Weekend in Charleston

Last weekend, 
P Daddy & I ran away from home.

Er, flew..
on a plane...
to Charleston, SC

Things stay so busy with our kids,
we have decided to try & 
get out of town together
2-3 times a year.
(thank you, Grandma!!!)

We stayed at the 
Charleston Place Hotel,
which was incredible!

This is our room...

it was,

However, they have very firm beds...
& my spoiled rotten back 
prefers a cushy pillow top.

I'm sure the managers of Charleston Place 
would be disappointed to find out
that I actually slept on that little loveseat one night...
hurt.all.over! :(

But other than that,
it was a blissfully wonderful weekend!

Weather was sublime...
75, sunny, breezy during the day...
55-60 at night.

We took a cab from the airport, 
so all our travel was on foot.
We walked & we walked & 

We tried to do things we had never 
gotten a chance to do because we had the kids with us.

Like tour the Calhoun Mansion...

and the

The closet southern belle in me
was walking two inches off the ground! ;)

Of course, P Daddy was all about 
where we were going to eat next!

His fave was Hank's...

My fave was Poogan's Porch (swoon)...
I could have eaten there every day!

But together,
we agreed that 
deserved the 


& P Daddy was beyond thrilled to see from the brass tag on our table,
that Lynyrd Synyrd had eaten in that very spot. ;)

The last night we were there
we lucked up on a free carriage ride through the city.

We ended up packed in with 
a group of church ladies &
sang Christmas carols the entire way!

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer 
is singing loud for all to hear!"

We were definitely in the spirit after that! 

I really wish I had brought my big camera with me,
I could have snapped hundreds of pictures...
everything decorated for the holidays!
It was gorgeous!

One last thing that I really loved while we were there 

I had a complete brain fog
& didn't take pictures. 

You can see a sampling if you click this link.

They were incredible!
Perhaps my pal, PAIGE will take some pics & 
share them on her blog soon. ;)

One wreath that definitely caught my eye down there
was the beautiful fresh MAGNOLIA wreath.

They were EVERYWHERE!!

Round ones,
square one, 
mixed with spruce & fur,
mixed with holly berries,
the were so beautiful!

I'm working on it
& will be back this week 
to show you how you can MAKE ONE
Yep! ;)

But right now,
I've got to go decorate this tree.

Finally got lights on that buggar yesterday...
Amen & amen! ;)

Have a marvelous Monday!!


  1. Oh my word! What a fun getaway! It is sooo important to run away on occasion! Great pictures!

  2. I LOVE Charleston! What a fun town to go as a couple! I can't wait to hear about your wreath. My girlfriend bought a pair of magnolia wreaths for her doors last year and they were dead in a few days! :( Neighbors on both sides of us have Magnolia trees that I can borrow

  3. We are so glad you enjoyed your stay with us and hope to welcome you back soon! Next time, please let us know your preference for a softer top mattress! We want everyone to have a good night's rest. We are glad you enjoyed the Festival of Wreaths as well. Thank you for your kind words and we will see you again soon.

  4. So, I"m just catching up on my blog reading and saw your trip recap. I'm still so sad we missed each other, yet, again. UGH! This summer we WILL make it happen!!!!! So glad you had a good time...I guess living here, we take Charleston for granted. I need to get out more in my town! Glad you liked Hyman's! We love it too!!!!


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