Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WELLNESS on Wednesday

The sick germs are in full force 
& an apple a day 
is just not enough for me lately!

In addition to limiting (trying, ugh) sugar & 
making sure I get some exercise...
here are some things I'm using this season to help me stay well:

Daily Multi Vitamin

Green Machine Naked Juice
(or I make my own juice from fresh fruits & veggies)

Arbonne Immunity Booster 

Water, Water, Water!

Arbonne Fizzy Sticks
(I heart the pomegranate) 

Lemon & Ginger Tea with a pinch of local honey
After I fix my hot tea, 
I dunk the bag in my water bottle to add flavor.

What's your "Go To" remedy 
as a Wellness Warrior? 

Hope y'all are all feeling fab
on this beautiful Wednesday morning! :)


  1. My cousin sells arbonne. I have alot of products from there and love them! I haven't tried the fizzy sticks. Must look into that! Here's hoping you don't get sick : )

  2. Love to see Arbonne in the remedy kit..Fizz sticks are great and it goes well with Arbonne Detox Tea.

  3. I put one Arbonne Immunity Booster, 1 citrus fizz stick & 1 pomegranate fizz stick, plus water in my water bottle that I take to the gym in the morning. Awesome way to wake up & start the day!

  4. I love Arbonne too, they are the best products!


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