Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Few of Words on Wednesday...

Oh, friends!

I'm so sorry for the long absence from blogging!
It has been busy, busy here!

We went to the beach for a week...

P Daddy then packed up & left immediately for a fishing trip in Alaska (for eight eternal days)...the single parent business is so my fave (not)

We've had company & some more company & a little bit more company...

and THEN that sweet Prince was born, so exciting!!  

School starts here a week from tomorrow...


Fastest summer ever! 

School supplies have been bought,
updated uniforms purchased... 
now all that's left is to order Sneaky E some 
new kicks on Zappos 
(because I DON'T go shoe shopping with children...ever).

I'm working on several posts to share...

a run down of painting & furniture projects,

an upcoming decorating project

((oh, bosporus I love thee))

 some updating in my master bedroom...
((Horchow coverlet purchased & I'm still alive tell about it))

Clearly our nightstands are a location for junk this summer...

and a couple of other random things...
I will be back to normal soon,
I promise!
(well, I hope anyway)

P Daddy & I celebrated 17 years of marital bliss this weekend...

how can I not be madly in love with a man who willingly wears sassy pants when we got out on dates!! ♥♥♥

Makes my heart go pitter patter!! ;)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


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