Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cleaning "Cheap" Silver Platters

I've gotten pretty bad about this...
I covet CHEAP Silver pieces!

They're so easy to find,
it seems like I run up on a platter or a tray
every time I visit the Goodwill store.
They make great pieces 
(polished or tarnished) 
for entertaining and decorating.

My sister was in town last month &
we went on a spree looking for a few for her.

She did pretty good finding these two beauties...

$2.99 and forty nine cents respectively...
pat that girl on the back! ;)

Because she is insanely busy 
with 19 month old & 3 1/2 year old boys.

(whew, I feel a swoon just thinking about that)

I told her I would clean them up for her.

Meet my pals, 
Vinnie & Cammy


They get the job done!
I added bit of the vinegar directly onto the platter, 
then applied a bit of the CameO with it...
using a spoonge & some elbow...

they cleaned up nicely.

& here they are before again...

& after...

the end. ;)

Now, if I could just figure out how 
to get silver platters & plates to 

I've tried a couple of ways I saw on Pinterest,
they didn't work for me.
Any suggestions??

I've got to go pick up my kids from school.
When I return (to blogland), 
I shall tell you about this door.
Not the black cat, just the door. ;)

Happy Wednesday, Crafty Friends!

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  1. Thank you! We have family silver passed down to us that I have just let languish in the closet, since I had no clue how to shine it (and thought it would be much more difficult). Now I can put it to good use (always seem to need more platters)!


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