Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Few Things on Saturday

1. P Daddy bought us these fancy pillows at Brookstone last weekend (if you know him, that's so classic). I've had THE WORST crick in my neck, I mean THE WORST...I could just cry (but don't tell him, bless his heart).

2. If you have an indoor cat, that means you most likely have a litter box. We are strangers to the litter box concept here at the P house & I must say it is not helping my very sensitive gag reflex! True story (gag).

3. Big O has invested the majority of his freshman year to courting this sweet little girl in his class. She's only "been his girlfriend" for a little while (I guess she realized he has P Daddy's determination). I'm rather tickled about it because he's not driving yet & is always on his best behavior because his lifeline to the love of his life is through his phone. It has become surgically attached to his hand & he is well on his way to needing a chiropractor for "texting neck". (Perhaps we can go together when I seek treatment for orthopedic pillow misery, ahem).

4. Yesterday I was in such a crazy rush to get out the door, I got half way down the drive & realized I still had Crest Whitening strips on my teeth. Sigh.

5. Sneaky E has persistently been hunting for his Christmas presents, which led me to remember to LOCK all gifts in my sewing room. Now I am patiently waiting for something to remind me WHERE I put the key to my sewing room (insert wailing & teeth gnashing here).

6. Did I mention the crick in my neck? Omg, I'm dying here!!

7. & the CAT BOX, ugh...gag!

That's all I've got. Today is my daddy's birthday, so I'm fixing a big pan of his favorite lasagna. I'm also going to try & wrap some gifts (if I find the key to that sewing room...).

I just wanted to pop in & say hello to my sweet blogging friends (waving). Stay safe out there, guys...the holiday crazies are out!

Blessed Saturday to you & yours, mwah! ❤️

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  1. Mandy--check out Chiroflow pillows-they are water filled---to your own specification (you fill it yourself)---and they are AWESOME for neck issues! Pricey--but mine lasted well over 5 years!
    As for the litter box---get some disposable masks---use those when you clean the box---no smell---cuts the dust from the litter. Also use covered box(es)--we simply took a large plastic storage container and cut an opening in one end---the cover contains any unpleasant smells. Hubby also built our own cabinets to put them in---so you can't tell they are litter boxes-look like the pricey end table pieces sold online! ; ) no one knows we have them scattered throughout the house! And, if the neck is still an issue-find a chiropractor that practices Applied Kinesiology. Best technique/relief there is! Blessings, Sharon


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