Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Facts...ramblings

Random nonsense while Sneaky boy is getting his work done....

1This child is smart as a snake (& looks just like P Daddy with his new haircut).

2. This iPad Mini takes terrible pictures...

3. I should be wearing the cone of shame...I bet your drawers don't look like this!

4. This book has been a waste of my time...meh!!!

5.  This cat drives us all crazy....

6.  Well...all of us except him...

7. Ok, that cat only drives me crazy...everybody else thinks she is adorable...I think she makes my house smell like kitty poo, gag!

8.  My dining's not bothering me yet...bahaha! ;)

9.  This black dresser is for sale, $125. I bought & painted it a few years ago. Moving things around down here & don't have room for it anymore. Details to only, buyer pick up (two strong people, it is heavy).

10.  I love homeschool so far...(except the excessive school bus driving)...Evan is a worker & is motivated to learn & get done...I'm sure there will be bad days & not so fun days, but right now I love having undivided time with Pootie Poo! ;)

1 comment:

  1. Mandy--get The World's Best Cat Litter--pet stores. Don't die of sticker shock---it is WORTH IT! It is flushable, clumps perfectly (and they never crumble!), it smells like the fresh ingredients it's made out of (corn--all natural fresh smell-NO PERFUMES), no dust. NO SMELL not even when the box has been used. It lasts wayyyyy longer than regular litter--so its really a better deal all the way around. One of our cats had radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroidism-we either had to be able to flush the litter for 2 weeks-or store it for 81 days---we have 2 other cats besides him using the same boxes--no way I was storing that much cat poo for that long! One bag and maybe a 1/2 of another one still fresh in 4 boxes after 3 1/2 weeks-not kidding. You will LOVE IT.


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