Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five Things I Love {Right Now}...

I have been busy, busy painting down in the garage.
I have a couple of really cute finished projects to share &
one HUGE finished project [finally] ready to share!

Since Sneaky E has needed practically a whole new wardrobe for spring,
I've been doing a little sidebar shopping {for me} as well...

Here are five things I've run up on lately that I just LOVE!

1. The Miracurl Hair Curler...

I die!

When I got a trim last week, my stylist used this on my hair...
Happy birthday to me!
I had to take one home!

Here's my fro at Big O's party last week...

I did those curls all by my little self (insert applause here),
I was so proud! ;)

2. Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara...

Y'all know I'm always on the hunt for an awesome mascara!

I bought some clinique mascara (I forget which version) awhile back (because it was free gift time) & I originally considered buying this version {but the little sales girl had the most mangly, clumpy lashes & says "that's that I'm wearing now" & I just thought "well, I don't want that..."}

 (my granny would have said it out loud, I'm sure)

Anyway, this past weekend it was bonus time at Dillard's so I picked up a tube.
WHERE have you been all my life!?!?
This mascara & I...we are getting along mighty fine! ;)

3. Kut from the Kloth Katy Boyfriend Jeans...

I seriously must live under a rock,
I've never heard of this brand before until recently!

I have been looking for a sassy pair of boyfriend jeans to wear this spring.
I've been eyeballing this pair at Nordstorm:

but I just hate to spend $80...
on anything
(as Sneaky E always says "I really like things that cost $1"....see, that's me too)

I didn't find this pair for $1,
but I was still pretty tickled to find them at TJ Maxx for $29 last week!!
(the perks of driving the magic school bus to Murfreesboro)

The Katy Boyfriend is my friend, the end! ;)

4. Sam Edelman Gigi Leopard (Reow)

I don't have a pair of these...


But they are on my list!
They make my heart sing! ;)

5.Advocare Spark...

Folks, I am a converted woman!

I started drinking this Advocare Spark about three weeks ago, it is delicious & I feel fantastic!!

I am now down to one bland, quick cup of coffee when I wake up (instead of  THREE cups drowned heavily in coffee creamer), I'm probably shaving 400 calories out of my diet right there & a MEGA TON of sugar!

It comes in several flavors, so far Fruit Punch is my fave!

If you want to try some, give me a holler & I will get you a sample...
it is awesome, awesome!


So, there are a few quick things I love right now.
How about you?
What are you eyeballing & drooling over!?!?

I've got to get ready & take my car in to be serviced (more perks of driving the magic school busy to Murfreesboro, blah).

Have a fabulous Wednesday, friends!
I'll be back to share some paint projects later this week.



  1. I would love to try some Spark! I am not even sure how much it costs, but a sample would be great so I could try before I buy =) My email is - thank you!

  2. Ha! My Granny would've said the same thing outloud. Are you sure they aren't the same Granny. Must be an old southern woman thing. Thanks for sharing, Now I want to go shopping.


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