Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sneaky E turns EIGHT...

I can hardly believe it!
Evan turned 8 this past week.

He enjoyed an evening shopping with his "Gram-maw" at Target.
(gotta get his spoiling time in)

Then he enjoyed a morning out to breakfast with his dyslexia tutor, Ms Pat.
(clearly the dimple flashing pays off)

Our ballgames got rained out, so he enjoyed an evening at his favorite pizza place for dinner.
(because they have given him the wi-fi password & he can spell "pepperoni" by himself now)

THEN Friday after school we took five of his best friends to Holder Family Fun Center for two hours of LASER TAG & arcade games! If you're local, this is a super place...very clean! We got there at 4:30 & as we were leaving at 6:45 the evening bowlers were starting to arrive. We pretty much had the place to ourselves all afternoon!

I don't love this baby growing up on me...
but I sure do love his sweet personality & snuggly hugs...
I cannot imagine our family without his OCD quirkiness in it!

He may be having the craziest school year ever, but he is happy & healthy...
we are so incredibly blessed!

I love you, Evan...
you sneaky little rat! ;)


Are you sitting down?

I have some news!

((No, I am not pregnant!))

In addition to a rather exciting week of birthday festivities...

after a lot of praying & plotting...

P Daddy & I

have decided

that we are going to...

put our house on the market!

You're stunned,

I know...

Me too!

But I'm very excited!!!

More details coming soon...

wishing y'all a beautiful, blessed Sunday!

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  1. Happy birthday to your little guy! Can't believe he's 8 already! And wow -- big news on the house! Exciting! Good luck!


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