Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greetings from the Cutie Kitchen...

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to paint in the cutest little kitchen...

(thus "The Cutie Kitchen" title, I made that one up...ahem) ;)

I don't normally paint kitchen cabinets.
It's not very fun.
It's my back is crying, hard work &
I just really prefer my painting to be for fun...

But this tiny kitchen, 
in this gorgeous historic home...
just sucked me in...

When I first stopped by to visit,
I just wasn't sure what direction to take with it...
layers & layers & LAYERS of white paint...
(so many layers, that I was not even able to remove the doors...ack!)

Then, I ran up on these pictures on Pinterest one evening 
(when I, no doubt was looking for somegthing else entirely)...

Seriously now...
Bells & Whistles all the way!!!!!

Now, tell me...
would you pass up a chance to paint 
someone else's cabinets THAT COLOR?!?!
I was tickled to death...
and got right after it!

I started on the bottom cabinets using Annie Sloan Provence (which I just love).
The owner wanted a distressed aged look, 
so they are finished with the dark wax. 

After a few days we decided that the top cabinets needed to be aged also,
they were stark white & just did not work entirely with the aged look that the bottom cabinets were sporting.

I didn't want to have to paint these top cabinets & then go back and wax them (lots of work & more expensive for the owner). After a little research & playing around with some new products, I decided to distress the cabinets just a little bit and apply a GLAZE over them (because the Annie Sloan Wax would not adhere to that latex paint that was already on there). 

I found this at Home Depot, I think it ran around $8.99 a can.
I have since used this glaze on several different projects and I still have not even used a full quarter of the can! It's awesome & will give you the mileage on your projects!

Here's a before & after...
Stark white to lightly distressed and aged...

Now, together the top & bottom cabinets look fantastic!
I think eventually the home owner will be replacing the stark white appliances with stainless steel & I've heard talk of some really fetching subway tile...
all the same, I think it turned out darling!!

and NOW after some amazing grasscloth textured wallpaper &
replacing the ceiling fan with an incredible new color popping light fixture...

this Cutie Kitchen is really turning heads!
There are lots more things happening in this house, 
I cannot wait to see everything finished when it is on the Historic Tour of Homes next month!!

Come back & visit soon.
I'm going to show you how to turn a CHEAP particle board shelf into a more customized (less cheap looking), snazzy piece of furniture! ;)

Thanks for stopping by the Cutie Kitchen,
I had a lot of fun working on that one! :)

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Wow -- that turned out great!! Love it!! Thanks again for the giveaway prize! :) Have a good weekend --I'm going shopping! ;)


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