Monday, November 17, 2014

Motivation on Monday!

Some people need more motivation than others on Monday...

((I think someone is worn plum out from sleeping in his own bedroom last night.))

Baby steps...

I definitely need motivation...
This is what our Monday morning looks like:

Frozen, slushy, mushy...

I am blogging this motivation from my happy place...(er, the place that makes me feel much nicer after I've visited)...

Get after it on Monday!

Here's a few that I love...

Help someone every single day. You can't help everyone...but your kindness; even if it's just a smile, can make a difference. 

Live a grateful life, be humble, be kind, love with your whole heart. 


Stop that crap right now. 
Keep your standards high and do not tolerate others being ugly...just don't!

Well, I gotta go...
It's time to turn up the speed & run. 
Sweat it out! ;)

I'll leave you with this adorableness...

Love Smokey!!!

Come back & visit, LOTS coming up on the blog this week!!
Some dressing mama fun, How To Tuesday crafts, a sponsor spotlight feature, AND the big giveaway "Mama's Favorite Things" will run on Friday (sharing the love with my blogging friends, my FAVORITE!!).

Stay warm friends,
Happy Monday!



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