Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Giveaway...The Cure for the Winter Blahs!

I am going to be honest.

I've been dragging my feet putting this little giveaway together.

And I'll just tell you why...

As I was prepping my goodies & taking pictures,
my middle school child walked in &
asked what that stuff was for...

I told her it was a giveaway basket for my blog...
some of my favorite little things.

She looks it all over carefully

& said

"no offense, but that stuff is really boring & lame".

Well, alright then.

After a couple of days
(yes, days...I must have taken offense)

I decided that liking simple, lame, boring things is perfectly fine.
Middle school girls have no idea the value of liking things because THEY ARE WHAT YOU LIKE & not what everyone else is liking.

So there.
I'm out of middle school now!

It's been a funkytown winter so far...
no snow for us in middle Tennessee...
no sunshine either!

In honor of sunny days & curing the winter blahs,
I'm just tickled to give away a few of my SIMPLE favorite things:

One completely un-lame, un-boring reader will receive a darling burlap basket with a chalkboard tag filled with goodness...

1. Anthrpologie inspired mug.
2. Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa (it is so divine)
3. Three delicious Aveda Tea Bags (you will be hooked)
4. My favorite C Booth Mimosa Honeysuckle Body Souffle
5. Eight self sticking chalkboard stickers (label everything, baby)
6. One Chalk Ink Marker (my go to marker for all my chalk art)
7. One copy of Sophie Hudson's A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet
8. Harry & David Dark Chocolate Truffles (sigh...soooo good)
9. One bottle of my favorite Top Coat (or wear alone) Out the Door clear polish.
10. Two adorable wiener dog salt & pepper shakers (because life is more fun with wiener dogs)
11. Two of my MOST FAVORITE writing pens (love notes, doodles, agenda, you're set now)
12. Three sassy little notebooks (I love these for writing down my prayers)
13. and one (barely pictured) lovely Cynthia Rowley Frame to show off the people you love.

How can you win?

It's simple,
leave a comment here on this post.

Tell me:
What is the most boring, lame favorite thing that your heart desires?

(yes, I took offense) ;)

I will pick a winner Sunday night and announce it in Monday's Motivation post.

We're gearing up for a big 40th birthday weekend here...
(in honor of Throwback Thursday)

I'll be back to share.

Happy Thursday, Friends!


(your lame, boring pal)



  1. Silly girl -- none of these are lame -- they all look fabulous to me! My favorite lame thing is a recipe organizer -- not that you have one there. If I'm supposed to pick one of your items, maybe the tea bags, but not really as I Love a good cup of tea!

  2. Great basket mandy! My favorite lame thing haha is OPI big apple red nail polish. I wear it all year round.

  3. I love all these lame things! My favorite lame way to spend an afternoon, though, is with a good book and a cute mug of coffee.

  4. Love, love, love this giveaway and I must be a big copy cat and do the same! Giveaways make winter sooo much more fun! My favorite lame thing are the tea bags too! How many more days until spring?!

  5. Just...a handful of chocolate chips. Or a cup of tea on the porch in the morning in the summer. Or a newly purchased used book. Boring and quiet and lovely and perfect.

  6. I love pretty coffee cups and ink pens.. because I am a total nerd..

  7. Bwahaha middle schoolers!!
    I think this here basket is awesome & how thoughtful of you to think of us readers WOW!
    Oh and my lame self enjoys a new tube of Chapstick. Yeah, generic ole plain Chapstick - but in a fruity flavor of course. Fruit punch is my current fave lol

  8. My boring thing is watching Netflix series or Downton Abbey with my husband while eating home made chocolate chip cookies.

  9. My twin sister who knows me better than anybody bought me Chapstick for Christmas. Christmas 2014, like 4 weeks ago! Really Chapstick. She is saying "you will love it!" Well I didn't even open it for days. So one evening I am putting away stickings and small stuff. I came across the Chapstick. I opend it before bed. It is one of this dual ended Chapsticks; one end to use during the day and one for use at night time while you sleep. Well I used the night time befoee bed and guess what. Lips just as soft and moist the next morning. Lame YES but now I'm hooked. That's my lame but love it story.

  10. I love cute salt & pepper shakers... Something must be wrong with me. Lol

  11. All about some lame and, blanket and a movie or good book and I'm giddy! 😉 And that basket is full of awesomeness!

  12. One day your middle schooler will enjoy lame things - ha! A blank, boring and lame canvas, some brushes, and a little dab of color pushes my winter blahs right out the window for me. #artisawesome

  13. I love all your favorite things!! I'm just a lame & boring kind of girl! I love to wrap up in my favorite quilt, sip my chi tea & read...perfect day!

  14. I guess lame and boring is what I aspire to be. My favorite lame and boring desire is a clean house with a day all to myself to do whatever I want-maybe sleep late, take a 2 hour bubble bath while reading a good book, sit in my chair in complete silence while I drink coffee and look out at the birds, have a movie marathon of chick flicks or spend the day in my barn scrapbooking.

  15. I LOVE the give away, too! My lame thing I really love is homemade sugar scrubs for a bath... I did see Body Shop has something called Honeymania bubble bath melt... sounds good.

  16. These items are not lame at all! Some of the best things are simple and truly not lame. My lame thing that I can't live without is Neutrogena lip balm. Great giveaway to beat the winter blahs.

  17. I love your favorite things as well! I have a few lame things I enjoy. I love to browse the internet "looking" at recipes. Simple recipes are my favorite! LOL. I spend hours just browsing through recipes. I love Dollar General. You can find me there about 3-4 days a week. Some days I buy something....some days I don't. LOL. I also like journals. No, I don't journal in them! I just like the different styles and colors is all. LOL.

  18. I love my well worn, out of style flip flops. Nothing is better than life in flip flops on a warm summer day!

  19. Not lame at all! I find myself always wanting new Essie nail polish and lip gloss.

  20. I think all of those things are fabulous....not lame at all. My lame indulgence is chai tea. Makes me warm, cozy, and all around happy especially on dreary days like today!


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