Monday, April 9, 2018

Why I NO LONGER recommend Stitch Fix...(non-political post)

Good morning, friends!
Today's post is not a funny or sweet one, sadly.
This one is more like a public service announcement & definitely something you need to be aware of.

Back a couple of years ago I began using a site called Stitch Fix to refresh my sad looking, worn out, mama frumpy wardrobe.
You might remember my rambling posts about it.
They were really fun & I highly recommended that my readers try them out.

I never share negative things on social media, but for as much as I promoted this company in the past I am sadly no longer able to recommend them to my readers (& it's not because I am boycotting them over some political nonsense).

I used Stitch Fix pretty regularly for about eight months a couple of years ago.
It was fun, but I only ended up buying two things during that time because I felt the prices did not reflect the quality of these non-name brands that I had received. You can cancel receiving shipments at any time, so I did that.

About a year passed and I had this brilliant idea that I would start the fix shipment back up but give them Olivia's sizes because she and I had battled at the mall about five times too many I'd decided that I would never take her shopping ever again!

Back before the holidays I changed the sizing and scheduled a shipment for her (this is late December 2017). The Fix was scheduled for late January. When the time came for it to be processed, they emailed me saying that they could not process my Fix because my credit card would not work. I had a fraudulent charge on my card in December 2017 and the visa people had sent me a new card, so Stitch Fix did NOT have my new card information.

I did not log on and update my credit card info with them in January 2018.

I got busy and forgot all about it.

Late January turned into February, which turned in regular March chaos, etc...and I did not hear anything else from them (which was fine, because I was planning to update it whenever I got around to it but I just had not & I reserve the right to do whatever I want, when I want with my money, thank you very much).

Toward the end of March I received an email from them saying my Fix had shipped.
I had one foot out the door at the time & thought to myself, "no it's not...they do not have my cc".
So it was a couple of days before I looked at that email thoroughly.
Long story short, THEY DID INDEED SEND ME A FIX.

So I immediately logged on to my Stitch Fix account and guess what!


(chew on that for a minute)

I went over the edge in a panic thinking my entire life had been hacked because when I originally signed up for Stitch Fix I did it by the signing in through Facebook option (and unless you're living under a rock you are aware that Facebook has turned into a modern day Brutus stabbing us all in the back sharing our info...#bastards)

A few days later, Stitch Fix was able to give an explanation as to HOW they obtained my credit card information (but not before I reported a fraudulent charge, had my visa canceled & locked, etc, etc)...

I never gave this company permission to "hack" (my word) my other accounts to "retrieve" (their word) my updated credit card information.

I did not.

And I WOULD NOT EVER give any company permission to do that.

I don't know, maybe I am being naïve and silly but this made me feel betrayed & violated.
((Sadly, I have also considered the fact that there is probably some TINY, fine print on their website saying that I have given them permission to do this...but, I'm still not ok with it.))
And I no longer trust this company with my info.

I am in the process of cancelling my account with them.
And I want my readers to be aware that I NO LONGER recommend Stitch Fix to them and I sincerely apologize if a company that I trusted and recommended has violated you in this way. 😔

So sorry to be a downer first thing on Monday morning, but I wanted you all to be aware of what this company regards as "acceptable".  I do not agree with them at all.

Much love to you all, friends.



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