Back To School Shopping...

School starts two weeks from Wednesday...

I feel like someone just slapped me!
Where on earth did summer go!?!?

I've been doing some back to school shopping this week (online, of course) & wanted to share some of my finds! ;) Our sweet little school is moving to a DRESS CODE school next year, so to be really honest shopping for school was WAY easier than normal...but for a "semi-professional shopper" like myself (snicker), it was a bit boring!

My primary purchasing was at Gap/Old Navy online! They are a vendor through Big Crumbs & I always like to shop online through them & get some $$ put back into my Paypal account!

We bought some patio/porch furniture from last year & I ended up getting $150 put into my PP account from it! Rock on!

Here's my big spurge from Old Navy...boys & girls khaki shorts...they are $10 each when you buy 2 pair! I bought enough shorts to not have to do laundry for TWO FULL WEEKS...worth EVERY penny! ;) LOL

Oh, Gosh...Absolutely!!

I decided to spend just a little bit extra & get our "uniform" shirts (aka, a solid polo with a logo no bigger than a credit card...bah) from Abercrombie Kids. Big O has several of their solid polos already & their quality is out of this world!

I got a stew of these for Miss O on clearance for $18.90 each (regular $30, yikes)...they had some boy's polos on clearance for $12.90 as well!

It was new backpack year for the O's, so I found these awesome new ones at PBTeen...$39 & FREE Shipping! Miss O picked out the aqua/green dotty one & Big voted for the Camo!

I had someone asking about the hairflower that Miss O is wearing in our vacation pictures...I picked that one up at JCrew in downtown Charleston...but, they did have some on the website still. Miss O is ANTI-bow now that she's about to be a big 2nd grader...(booooo!) :(

Now, all I have to get is SHOES...

seriously, I would rather go have a ROOT CANAL than take my kids out shoe shopping...ARGH!

I'm pretty sure this is the most boring blog post I've ever put together...LOL...but, I thought this rambling might tide you over while I go out & slave over that chest of drawers today!

I painted it last night after dinner & let it dry for the fun part...break out that sandpaper & DISTRESS that baby!! I'm going to have it finished before the day is out, stay tuned! ;)

Happy Saturday!!