Fabulous Friday!

Yep, that's what I hope you're having so far!

I'm sitting here like a jail warden FORCING Big O to do his summer book report (ahem, since school DOES start on Wednesday)...I cannot WAIT to get this monkey off our back!

Miss O is upstairs playing babydolls with Sneaky E. He gets on her nerves & she is usually very impatient with him (mix that up with jealousy & you've got a recipe for disaster)...so, he's thrilled to death when she decides to play with him....I'm super thankful that she's playing with him, as they are both driving me nuts this morning!

I've been browsing on Etsy while Big O does his work...look at some of the cute crafty goodness I found!

A CUTE & fun doggie collar for Katie Scarlett

And a custom tag too...need to get one of these for both dogs

One Smart Cookie tee...Yum!

Fabulous Damask Oilcloth Lunchbag

Keep your car clean with these Car Litter Bags...

YUMMY Clippies from Little*E*Designs...I want some for MEEEE!

WAY cool chicken wire memo board...LOVE this!

Eco-Friendly Resuable Snack Bags!

Stinkin' Adorable Monster Tee!

Reversable Scarf made from some of my favorite Amy Butler prints...

I'm hoping to get upstairs & workout, then head out to the pool with these wild kids!!

I'll be busy getting them ready to go back to school for the next few days, but will be back to my crafty adventures soon (as I'm having spray paint withdrawl now...LOL).

Happy Friday!!