Fun on the Beach...

I don't think I took any pictures down on the beach last week...

the wind was whipping something fierce & I didn't want anything to happen to my BFF (my camera).

I did get a few from the big porch after everyone got showered up & all the sand kids automatically put on their jammies after this, they are so funny!

Miss O was on Shell Patrol all week...she brought home a huge bag of little shells, but look at her one BIG find!

She was pretty excited about that one!

We did get a nice afternoon storm nearly every day...and one afternoon after the storm had passed there was a rainbow outside that just blew us all away!!

(stole this shot from my mother's collection, I couldn't get all of it in the picture on my camera)

It was just amazing!!
I have NEVER seen the beginning & end of a rainbow like that before!

The water was ROUGH after that storm & the surfers were out...I thought I was going to have to tape Daddy P to a chair to keep him from driving down the street & BUYING a surfboard himself...good golly, you know how his is when he gets something in his head... ;)

Well, let's's THURSDAY already.

The's big, I'm scared...LOL...I'll get it done.

I've started on "the dresser"...but, I got too hot (wuss, I know) & ran out of sandpaper, I jumped in the pool instead. It's REALLY nice, a solid wood dresser with UGLY hardware! ;) It's going to be SO pretty when I get done with it & then Sneaky E can tell his kids about how his mama slaved over this $100 dresser for him when he was a little sneaky biscuit! ;)

I got lots of inspiration from this blog... rocks out in the DIY department! She has been SUPER busy this summer & I LOVE this make-over!

Speaking of make-over...check out this foyer make-over on Centsational Girl...HOLY COW! Is that not AMAZING! I feel like Wayne & Garth at an Aerosmith concert...not worthy, not worthy....;) She's awesome, isn't she!

I'm going to try & get this dresser project finished before the weekend is's mid-July & the weather is about to turn harsh...too hot even GO outside here, whew!!

Next week football practice starts up...5:30-7:30...Mon, Tues, Thurs...Saturday practices are 8-9:30 & again from 3:30-5 through August 15th...MERCY, I'm exhausted just thinking about sitting out in that heat worrying myself sick that Big O might have a heat stroke out there...(!!)

Anyway...just wanted to pop in & to get some laundry done & go play with my kids for awhile!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!