Honey, I'm Home!

Oh, I DO feel right at home here & I hope you will too!

Welcome to my new blog...

the Rambling Adventures of a Crafty, Southern Mama! ;)
Sharing stories about the things I love...crafting, the south & being a good mom to my busy little family!

My new look is the work of the AMAZING Kelly of Fabulous K Creative...folks, she is what she claims to be! She's absolutely FABULOUS, I adore her! :)
Do hop over & visit her site or her blog if you're looking for something new.

We are home from our "bacation" (as Sneaky E calls it)...

I have tons of pictures to share from our trip to BEAUTIFUL Charleston, SC! But, today I'll just share the ONLY....(THE ONLY, I said)...picture that includes ME out of all 400 pictures that were taken last week (in case you begin to doubt that I even went on this trip when I begin sharing my other shots). ;)

Just look at that Sneaky E giving Emily (taking the picture) the evil eye...I told you he was a biscuit!

This one's a bit sweeter...;)

I'm a busy bee today, tagging items for our local consignment sale...what doesn't sell next week will be sold off on ebay (consignment is SO much easier than ebay sometimes). I'll be having a PRE-SALE here on my blog before I list...don't worry, I won't leave you out!

I hope you'll come back and visit me this week...I'll be making a duvet for Miss O's bed (and sharing my rambling mishaps, as I CAN sew like a pro...but BIG STUFF like bedding messes me up...every time!!), I'm trying out a NEW recipe (*gasp*, ME cooking...the very thought...),

Remember the Desk for Miss O's room....

I'll also be redoing a DRESSER ($100 on Craigslist, baby) for Sneaky E's cowboy bedroom...I'm still looking for the PERFECT pull cup handles for the drawers,

AND we're getting a new family member!!!!!

Little Katie Scarlett is ready to come home!!

(now if I could just find a good doggie bed tutorial...a cute one would be so fetching right under my craft table, no?) ;)

AND...I opened my Etsy shop back up...LOTS of goodness to be stocked & some great deals on camera straps & fabric all this month!!


It's going to be a BUSY week around here!!

Hope everyone has a great day & thanks for stopping by! :)