Puppy Love!

She's home!

Miss Katie Scarlett is home & we are loving it!

We met Megan this morning for puppy pick up. She brought Katie's parents for the big send off. Apparently, my brain was turned off because I totally forgot to take pictures!!! :(

Megan was an absolute sweetheart, it was great to finally meet her!
She has ONE puppy left if you're interested in Katie's sister...I'm glad Megan didn't bring her too or I would have had TWO new puppies at our house!

Daddy P cracked me up coming straight home for lunch...he is SUCH a softie...a total puppy lover! He was talking baby talk & loving on her...he's adorable! ;)

Katie Scarlett played outside with Lil Smokey & the kids...Smokey is behaving much better than I expected, he must be as smitten with her as we are!

They all had a blast, then she curled right up on the couch for a little nappy!

We were hardly prepared for how beautiful this dog is...everyone at my house is totally under the puppy spell now! ;)

How could you not be!

Thank you for sharing her, Megan!
We adore her, she has found a great home!

I just got Sneaky E down for a nap, so now I'm going whip up a new doggie bed for our new puppy princess! ;)

Hope y'all have a great Monday!