South Carolina Aquarium

On our last full day of vacation, we got out & took the kids to the South Carolina Aquarium.

(warning: lots-o-pictures)

We have the TN Aquarium here in Chattanooga & have been there a couple of times. If you're looking for a FAB family trip, do go to Chattanooga, TN & stay downtown by the river! It is so amazingly CLEAN & beautiful...ever so FAMILY FRIENDLY & there is TONS to do!

Well, the SC Aquarium was VERY nice...but not nearly as big as the TN, we were able to see it all in a couple of hours (which flew by while we were having so much fun chasing Sneaky E...haha).

We managed to get a family shot (which you've already seen, but that evil look on E's face makes me want to share it again...LOL)...

and this one of all three kids again (since it was so sweet) ;)

We just had a great time hanging out & enjoying the kids...they really had fun!

Sneaky E just HAD TO HAVE this hat from the gift shop...too big, will fit for the next 10 years...but he had to have it & has worn it nearly every day since! So funny!

We saw so many amazing & beautiful creatures...

That caged animal looked oddly familiar...

Sneaky E just loved it!
Miss O & E played on the kiddie shrimp out Bubba Gump! ;)

& Big O's souvenir from the gift shop (which he bought himself)...

Getting into trouble in the car with Daddy P...

Then, afterward we had lunch at The Boathouse on The Isle of Palms...

I ate the most AMAZING Fried Green Tomatoes that I have ever put in my mouth...yummmmmmmmm! We sat outside while we ate & watched the was awesome!

It was a GREAT way to end our trip!

We are out the door for football camp & the grocery...I'll be working on that duvet today & will share some pics later.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!