Things have a way of Working Out...

You know, sometimes it's really hard to be strong...things happen in life that break you down mentally & physically. I have spent the past two & a half years trying to build myself back up mentally after losing my precious granny to cancer. I am certain that post-traumatic stress syndrome is 100% real...100%'s like being lost & you can't find your way home.

I will admit...I was scared to death when my cousin Emily came into my everyday life. She & her husband moved here a year ago so that he could go to school. She is a teacher, she loves kids...especially my kids. She's always been "every mother's DREAM babysitter"...the most responsible young adult I know...and suddenly here she was available & wanting to babysit my kids whenever I needed a sitter.

It scared me to death!

I believe that everything happens for a reason...(and this is going to sound crazy) but all I could think of was that she had come into my life like this because something was going to happen to me.

And something did.

From losing someone I loved...I got lost.

From gaining another little sister...I found my way back.

Being around this amazing person on a daily basis...I was reminded...of all the good things I loved about my life before I let stress & anxiety take over. Emily is a rare gem...she's simple, beautiful and loves with all her feel comfort just being around her.

Em is so special, I want to be just like her when I grow up! ;)

I love you, crazy girl!

Happy Tuesday!

(and that is NOT our beer in that first picture...Argh!...perfectly GOOD family picture tarnished...alcohol, you stink...bah!)