Very Cute Boys!

Every girl likes to spend time with cute boys...especially ones as cute as these guys!

We had some family visiting this favorite aunt, her three beautiful daughters & their baby boys...what fun we had!

I LOVED having these sweet boys together...they had a BLAST!

(and look at who else got the "dimple" gene in the family)

The little guys WORE THE POOL OUT yesterday...I know they slept hard last night!

(Sneaky E in his undies...looking like a Speedo...cracking us UP)

sweet, SWEET little AJ...seriously, he's got me wrapped right around his chunky little finger!!

Super Z was SUPER fun...he & Sneaky E are just a few months apart...oh, the fun they will have in the years to come!!

and the mommy & her little baby sister...two of the coolest gals I know! ;)

We ate & visited & just had a great time...I wish we lived closer, we don't see nearly as much of them as I would like. They are cousins, but we have grown up so close that I feel like we are all sisters...I feel very lucky to have them in my you gals!

I'm heading up to the playroom to let Jillian Michaels rip me's a GREAT workout video...I hate...I mean, I really HATE to exercise...but, after TWO sessions of just level one I could ALREADY feel a difference in my thighs & SEE a difference in my shoulders as far as toning up...seriously, that's enough to keep me FIRED up & motivated!

This video is available on Netflix if you do videos thru them...try it out & see if you like it that way...but don't be surprised if you find yourself OWNING a copy! I'm already looking forward to a new season of The Biggest Loser now!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!