Another Fabulous Friday...

What a BUSY day!

I got the kids off to school this morning...thanks to Nana who came out & brought breakfast AND a yummy latte for me! Thank you, Nana! :)

Ran into town at 8 am & got the Sneaky Biscuit's hair cut...could not EVEN see where he was going, that kid! Then we headed to the grocery & raced home to ride the NEW BIKE before it started getting too hot!

I've cooked up a storm all day...making snacks for our "end of the first week of school" pool party after school today...AND also made lasagna & salad for my sweet mommy's birthday dinner tonight!

I'm SO glad I got out this week & got these pictures...because when I got home yesterday, the area behind E (in front of the fence) had been visited by the "landscaping fairy"!! ;)

I'll be sharing pics tomorrow...they brought my new magnolia trees today & it is all coming together so nicely...((I heart the landscaping fairy!!))

AND of course, I must share pics of THE NEW BIKE! ;)

WHEW....busy times!!

Hope everyone has a happy, happy Friday!