First Football Friday!

I meant to share these yesterday, but E & I got busy and the next thing I know it's time for Miss O's Swim Meet...what a day!

I LOVE my kid's school!
It's Pre-K through 12th grade...all three of my kids are going to be going to the same school at the same time....& I LOVE that!

Yesterday was the FIRST Varsity Football Game of the season...I LOVE football season up there! You drop by for lunch on a football Friday & you will see little girls dressed in green cheerleading uniforms Pre-K all the way up to 4th grade, they are ADORABLE!! The boys wear football their football tees or the custom jerseys that the school sells every year. I don't mind spending the money on these, as I know I can pass Big O's down to the little guy in a few years (and Miss O has been wearing that same cheer uniform since Kindergarten).

You go to the home ballgames & they have THE BEST food to eat...last year they added pork tenderloin sandwiches to their menu! Last spring, you could get Strawberry Shortcake at the baseball games...using berries grown right at the school thru the Ag programl!

I love that Sneaky E will be going to school & will get to see his big brother up there on the football & baseball teams...see his big sister up there doing her thing (whatever she decides that is...lately she's talking about "bolleyball")....LOL.

I just had to get some pics of them on their way out yesterday...the first Football Friday of the year! So exciting!!

And of course, you can't send your kids off to school without some kisses...

Ugh, GAG!!

I'm on Level 2 of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day is KILLER!! But, I am loving it! I want to give a shout out to my pal, Paige...she has run 100 MILES since last year! WAY TO GO, PAIGE!!! Pop over to her blog & cheer that girl on!! So proud of you!!!

Welllll, it's going to be a lazy Saturday here...& then we're off to the County Fair tonight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!