Fun at the Fair...

Gracious, what a week!

Sneaky E hasn't been his perky self...then Daddy P came home at lunch yesterday running a fever, was in bed all afternoon...Mama P has had a can of Lysol in her hands!

Sickies, GO Away! We don't have time for you!

I wanted to pop in real quick & share the pics from our visit to the fair...we had promised the O's that we would get a sitter for Sneaky E & take them back last night to ride the big rides, but we didn't get to do that with Daddy P feeling badly. Maybe we'll get over there before they close it down this weekend...I hope...we sure did have a fun time this weekend!

(warning...TONS of pics)

Last year, Miss O was on a BRAVE kick & rode the BIG, scary rides...but this year she wasn't game & decided to keep Sneaky E company down on the kiddie ride end of the carnival. Here they are on a few rides...doesn't she look THRILLED...LOL!

Here I think she's telling him about another ride that they are not going to ride because "it's too big for us"...

Of course, you know Daddy P (aka, my oldest child) had his hand stamped & rode every chance he got...I'm glad, because I cannot ride in an elevator without feeling queasy...carnival rides are a NO go for Mama P!

Sneaky E on the motorcycle...I think he thought they were going to tear up some dirt on that thing...the disappointment was very clear on his face once they got going! LOL

Then of course, he did take some time out from rides to provide local entertainment on the clogging stage...

In Daddy P's quest to find the perfect Corn Dog, we ran up on the BULL RIDE!

Needless to say, everyone had to take a turn...

Once everyone had their nibble of choice (corn dog, funnel cake, ice cream etc), we were off to the races!

First we saw the pigs...

then the DUCKS duked it out for a plate full of Cheetos!

Followed by a brisk ride on the ponies...Miss O is in Pony-ville lately...keep dreaming kid, this is as close as you're going to get to owning a horse right now!

After all that we went back over & rode a few more rides...but by then it was getting really crowded (and the gloriously cloudy day had cleared off & it was smokin' hot)!

I believe this was the most popular ride of the day...the little race cars, they made a sharp turn around the track...Miss O & E were both squealing & giggling on every turn (and I was giggling watching them have such a good time)...

We finished the day off with a little bit more ice cream...

& after SIX hours, Daddy P was ready to head home! ;)

It was a fun time for sure!
I've got to hop up & get busy around here...Sneaky E & I are heading over to have lunch with Grandma today at her school (she's an Art teacher, alas where I get my creativity). ;)
I'll be back later to share something that I found yesterday in the new Paula Deen Fall 2009 magazine that came in the mail...if you have one already, get it out & see if you can figure out what I just HAD TO HAVE!!
LOL! ;)
Happy Thursday!